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Gucci Bags

You can spot a designer bag from a long distance. There are distinct markings to make the handbag stand out. The intertwined double G logo emblem makes it unmistakable to recognize. Gucci is an Italian fashion designer and leather goods supplier which started in Florence in 1921. With age, beauty and style in its stride, the brand has generated close to $7.0 billion in sales worldwide in one year – Talk about a large fan following.

With the rise in popularity of high-end luxury handbags, Gucci is very high on the list. Everyone wants to be seen owning one. So much so, that there are a number of fakes also being generated. However, there are 5 trademarks on a Gucci designer handbag which you need to keep in mind to identify the real thing.

  1. Dust bag. You can recognize a classy handbag when it comes all wrapped up in a high quality dust bag. Styled and designed with the recognizable designer logo, these draw string bags are usually brown or black with the logo in gold.
  2. Control card. With reference to the newer handbags, this control card is a tag that features a specific number which signifies that the handbag

Louis Vuitton Handbags

Humble beginnings

The beginning of Vuitton, like many other luxury brands, can be traced back to Paris, France. The first product to be manufactured was flat-bottomed canvas trunks, as trunks at that time could not be easily stacked. The company came under global attention after participating in the universal exhibition of Paris in 1857, after which it began being copied in huge numbers. The first store opened in 1855. Frustrated by the increasing copying of the bag design, the famous Damier Canvas pattern was born. After the death of Vuitton, his son took over the business and from there it climbed to new heights. Finally, the signature monogrammed canvas was able to stop the counterfeiting. It soon attained the status of the largest travel-goods store in Europe.


Towards the second half of the twentieth century, most of LV’s products began to be made of leather. It quickly expanded. The problem of counterfeiting returned quickly and continued to plague the company well into the twenty-first century. By the twenty-first century, LV emerged as a leader on the fashion scene. It completed 150 years in 2004. The name of Vuitton is synonymous with luxury and exquisite handbags.

How do things look

Color Handbag Should You Choose

Sometimes, you need a handbag that can be worn with every dress you have. You surely are not looking for dark or bright-colored tote bags. Instead, a tan color will go with whatever dress you will wear for an event.

While dark totes are considered by most to be an adaptable purse color, if your outfit in tan a dark satchel won’t fit. The same is true if you are wearing a dark dress and your purse is a tan shade. On the other hand, a tan handbag will work well with either a light brown or tan outfit. Additionally, a tan bag will go with many different shades.

The shade of tan doesn’t need to be excessively light. For fall, a wealthier cognac shade will work impeccably with almost any color of outfit.

Green colored handbags

Let’s get the facts straight. Green is a color that symbolizes nature. Green is also a color of eco friendliness. Why not buy a green colored handbag?

Green is also known as a colored nonpartisan, which means that it is a color that will match different colors of the dresses that you wear. Regardless of what colors you are wearing, you can be …

Buying Designer Handbags for Women Online

Bags for Different Occasions

The occasions can be anything from high school dance nights to luncheons at the clubs, but women will want their handbags to be with them all throughout the events. Designer clutches can be your best partner for events like luncheons or night-outs, whereas shoulder strap bags will be well suited for outings with friends or shopping.

You can buy designer handbags to go well with the type of events you attend. They are available in innumerable themes, designs, materials, and colour combinations.

Bag Promotional Sales

Shopping malls and online stores organize seasonal sales and to promote their designer bag collections, where they offer some of the latest collections for discounted prices. You can save a lot of money, if you buy handbags during such promotional sales. However, make sure you buy your bags from reputed sellers, because they sell the bags that are made with good quality materials.

Choosing the right sizes

Women’s wallets or clutches will not be as spacious as regular handbags, and you cannot carry all your essentials in them. They make a perfect choice for dance parties and dinner events. When you carry such clutches, you can leave most of the things …

When Buying Used Designer Handbags

Imitation brands are close to the real bags but have slight deviations in the logo, name color and other aspects that prevent it from breaching copyright laws. They look very similar to the brand they imitate, but are not produced by the neither designer nor does the imitation claim to be a designer bag. Fakes however are a complete copy of the original bag but illegally produced. They copy everything apart from the authenticity and quality manufacturing. However, both are not the real thing

Both however are not the real thing and you can keep away from them by buying at reputable stores. Even when buying a used designer, you need to know which stores deal with this trade and stick to them. Research well and ask fashion experts you know to guide you. Avoid flea markets, street vendors and little known local shops.

When shopping, you should have a keen eye for detail, which is what distinguishes real brands from the rest. Sloppy or slanted stitching are signs of poor tailoring and a good give away that a bag is not authentic. Check the inside as well for poor zipping and the lining. Imitations and fakes will use poor …