A Sparrow Flew Through My Window

A sparrow flew into one of the rooms in my home while I had the window open and I had to contact one of the bird control and removal services to get rid of it. The sparrow was flying around wildly, and I was so scared of it, but it was probably more scared of me. I tried to trap the sparrow on my own with a box and a plastic container, but I couldn’t get the sparrow inside of them. Whenever I would get close enough to the sparrow, it would start flying around above my head and making dives at me. I even left the window hoping that it would just fly out, but it wouldn’t leave. I eventually gave up and decided to let someone with experience in trapping birds handle it.

I contacted a local company about my bird problem and they sent over some of their workers to get the sparrow. They were able to get the bird into a trap in only a few minutes, and then released it outside. I couldn’t understand how it was so simple for them to get the bird to go into the trap while I had so much trouble with it. From now on, I won’t leave my window open.

I’ve noticed that a lot of birds have been building nests in the trees around my home. Normally this isn’t really anything to worry about, but I keep thinking that they might make a nest somewhere on my home and will attack me. This happened once before when a bird made a nest right near my front door. I had trouble leaving the house because of it and had to go out the back door. Eventually the nest fell down and the bird flew away, so the problem solved itself. If it happens again, I may need the services of the bird control company.