Classic Designer Handbags

Unless you can meet the cost to buy another bag each season, you will need one that will withstand the trends of styles and keep on looking stunning. What you need is a classic designer bag. Some of these bags styles do not lose their beauty with time. Instead, they are adored more down the years. Just do not look for cheap prices when buying these bags. Being cheap does not mean it is the bag for you. Here are five exceptionally extravagant yet extremely worth the cost for a designer handbag with some classic styles.

  • Quilted Flap Bag: This bag is an amazing handbag. A timeless beauty, it’s been reproduced for ages now. It isn’t really possible to not look chic when a woman carries one of these. These bags are durable and elegant as well.
  • Proenza Schouler PS1: Actually, it is too early to call this a classic handbag. There is nothing in vogue about it other than its continuous appearance on the arms of VIPs. And that’s where it scores. This handbag is constantly with celebrities and important people. This is a bag that is excellent in shape and stylish about its looks.
  • Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton Top Handle: Each one of us has yearned for this bag since the day we saw it. After all, it’s so fantastic and timeless and the quality is perfect. The ‘serious looking’ shape and red colour is the top pick that gives the wearer a professional yet beautiful look. More, you will also like the dark suede variant of this bag.
  • Mulberry Neely: Each one of us adores the envelope shape of this Mulberry bag. It is super sheik and yet utilitarian. You will be fanatical on the red shade; however, it can also be seen in nude and steel colors.
  • Vanessa Bruno Chain Handle Bag: Made of delicate, greyish blue-green cowhide, this Vanessa Bruno bag is an incredibly beautiful, and sensibly valued choice. It’s an incredible piece by a moderate new architect and is not conspicuous.

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