Louis Vuitton Handbags

Humble beginnings

The beginning of Vuitton, like many other luxury brands, can be traced back to Paris, France. The first product to be manufactured was flat-bottomed canvas trunks, as trunks at that time could not be easily stacked. The company came under global attention after participating in the universal exhibition of Paris in 1857, after which it began being copied in huge numbers. The first store opened in 1855. Frustrated by the increasing copying of the bag design, the famous Damier Canvas pattern was born. After the death of Vuitton, his son took over the business and from there it climbed to new heights. Finally, the signature monogrammed canvas was able to stop the counterfeiting. It soon attained the status of the largest travel-goods store in Europe.


Towards the second half of the twentieth century, most of LV’s products began to be made of leather. It quickly expanded. The problem of counterfeiting returned quickly and continued to plague the company well into the twenty-first century. By the twenty-first century, LV emerged as a leader on the fashion scene. It completed 150 years in 2004. The name of Vuitton is synonymous with luxury and exquisite handbags.

How do things look today?

As of 2010, LV is the world’s 29th most valuable brand. Though other things have evolved – the company now takes counterfeiting very seriously, having a special team of investigators and lawyers to track down counterfeits. Even outlets selling LV products are treated as a fashion statement in themselves – one thing has remained constant: LV luggage and handbags are still made by hand. The quality of the brand remains unparalleled, and it has retained its reputation and loyal consumer base in a market brimming with newer products.

Saving on your next buy

If you are looking to buy these bags, it is a good idea to buy the designer bags wholesale. Louis Vuitton handbags may be hard to find at wholesale prices due to their popularity. It is certainly a good idea to investigate availability. Buying designer handbags wholesale can save you money. You can save hundreds of dollars when buying a bag you will love. Remember, you need to buy from a trusted online store to avoid any problems.

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