Stay Fashion Forward In The Smart Way With Kids Unisex Dresses

If you have young children at home, then you do know the limited and stereotyped designs that even a number of high street stores have to offer. If you have a girl, then you have to shop your way through an overwhelming collection of purple and pinks, with motifs hardly going beyond clichéd slogans about discovering the inner diva, or ‘cute’ logos. Again, you have a boy, then the collection of spaceship and truck tees in typical green, dirty brown or blue can be particularly frustrating.

Why Unisex Dresses

You will never find a specific reason for why a boy cannot wear a pink, or why a girl should not choose a black, gray or blue option. This is right where the unisex section of kids clothing wear pitches in. Your children might have different personalities, and they might look for dresses that make them feel represented. Unisex dresses also help them make experiment with dresses from their opposite gender. The clothing lines allow them to make an independent decision, right in the way they choose their foods.

Sizing Matters

However, while choosing dresses for children, you have to be little bit careful about the sizes. Whether you are refurbishing your store’s wardrobe as a kid clothing wholesaler, or shopping as a parent, you have to be careful about the sizing. For example:

  • The size-chart of unisex t-shirts is more or less identical to standard men’s shirt size.
  • The shape of the tees also has a close resemblance to that of meant for men.
  • However, a shirt or a dress meant for the girl child can be more body hugging than that of a unisex wear.
  • The unisex dresses are likely to have somewhat a straight cut, or a baggy fitting. However, they are just the thing to keep your kids cool and comfy in the sweltering summer.

Fun Features

With a unisex wear, your children get the opportunity to explore a number of options that make a difference.

  • The designs might be simple, but they are not, by any means, minimalistic.
  • The mainstays include a number of quirky prints, such as diamonds, confetti and raccoons. There are also kid-friendly motifs like evergreen cartoon characters, sports like skating and surfing, and even designs that inspire the street culture.
  • You also have the opportunity to choose from hand-drawn clothes, as well as screen printed dresses, or something that has solid, vibrant color.
  • The details and cuts from the premier brands are often reminiscent of the lines of the adults.
  • There is no discount on the quality of dresses. You can find organic apparels, made from sweat wicking materials like cotton and bamboo.
  • The fashion-forward dresses need not to be heavy on the pocket always. Most of them are reasonably priced. Plus, you can also take the opportunity of discount coupons and stock clearing discounts.

Save Money

Choosing unisex kids clothing can also help you save big on garment shopping. However, you need to be a little judicious with your shopping plan.  To strike the perfect balance in your wardrobe, you can:

  • Keep a few ‘manly’ dresses for your boy and a few cutesy girly dresses for your little lady.
  • However, shop for jeans, tees, jackets and even keds which are not gender specific.