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Benefits of Having a Messenger Bag

They Are in the News!

Designer messenger bags are some of the most functional and versatile bags sold these days. Initially, they were only used for courier purposes. Now these stylish bags are considered to be a cool fashion accessory. In fact, if you buy a wholesale designer messenger bag, you can get a good discount.

The Versatility

Don’t worry about having difficulty finding the right designer handbag. Major designer houses like Gucci and Prada manufacture designer messenger bags that you will absolutely love. The price isn’t as high as some designer bags. In fact, you can get a wholesale handbag for under $800.

A Great Range

Designer handbags will spoil you with choices. You can choose among different styles like the Velcro, Zipper, Clasp or Buckle types. There are a colossal range of designs and colors to choose from and you can choose one that fits in your budget as well.

King of Carriers

Statistically speaking, messenger bags are one of the best-selling handbags in the North American continent. They constitute 32.7% of the total sales, as compared to eco-friendly cotton bags (26.1%), small tote bags (18.9%) and so on. This invariably makes the messengers the king of carriers.…

Buy Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags

The difference between real and fake

When you decide to shop for the bags, you need to know how to tell an authentic bag from a fake one. You need to be wary of some sites that claim to sell Louis Vuitton bags and yet they sell fakes. When you know how to identify the real thing, you will not end up spending your money on a bag that is a knock-off. Find out tips that will help you to buy real Louis Vuitton handbags online. Look for a clear and distinctive LV logo that is often printed all over the bag.

Check the handbag for imperfections

When shopping online, make sure that you know how to spot imperfections. This may be hard to do when you look at a photo on the website and the best way to avoid mistakes is by shopping from a reputable site. Looking at the physical item is the best thing that you can do because you can see if it has imperfections. The bags are made with strict emphasis to detail and seeing a stitch out-of-place is a sign of a counterfeit. Feeling the bag will also help because a real LV should …

Lana Marks Designer Handbags

Lana Marks was born in East London, South Africa. Fashion was not a line that was chosen for her from her childhood or something she was studying from the beginning. She was brilliant at academics and sports. She represented the United States in tennis.

The story behind the idea of the manufacture of the Lana Marks line of handbags is quite interesting in its simplicity. Marks had been invited to the birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II. The outfit she had selected for the celebration was a red suit. However, Marks could not find a handbag to go with the suit. It was then that she got the idea of starting a line of handbags in various colors that were being ignored by mainstream fashion designers at that time. Some of the world’s most expensive handbags are from Lana Marks.

These bags are famous for being extremely expensive and made of animal skin. One of the most famous bags is the Cleopatra clutch, made of alligator skin. It is not easy to get your hands on this rare clutch. Not only is it worth a whopping 100,000 dollars, but only five such clutches are produced in a whole year, taking …

Designer Diaper Bags

Useful for you all the time!

The diaper bag can still be used after your child grows, and you can carry it as a tote. Vertical sides, rectangular bottom can be found in these two shoulder strapped bags. If you plan for a walk or some short span of time out, choose the tote bag.

It’s trendy and it’s cool!

If you are looking for a trendy diaper bag, then the handbag style should be chosen. These bags look like a large handbag, and are in the trend, and will continue to be. You can defy age with these handbag styled bags, and often you can see the new mom celebrities carrying them.

It’s always convenient to carry one

If you want something like the handbag styled bag, and yet need your hands free to move the strollers, then you can try the messenger designer diaper bags. The difference between the handbags styled bags and the messenger is the removable strap at the bag. This strap is responsible for letting the hands move freely. This is a perfect choice if you are planning to get a bag that would go with either of the parents when they carry the baby.…

Classic Designer Handbags

Unless you can meet the cost to buy another bag each season, you will need one that will withstand the trends of styles and keep on looking stunning. What you need is a classic designer bag. Some of these bags styles do not lose their beauty with time. Instead, they are adored more down the years. Just do not look for cheap prices when buying these bags. Being cheap does not mean it is the bag for you. Here are five exceptionally extravagant yet extremely worth the cost for a designer handbag with some classic styles.

  • Quilted Flap Bag: This bag is an amazing handbag. A timeless beauty, it’s been reproduced for ages now. It isn’t really possible to not look chic when a woman carries one of these. These bags are durable and elegant as well.
  • Proenza Schouler PS1: Actually, it is too early to call this a classic handbag. There is nothing in vogue about it other than its continuous appearance on the arms of VIPs. And that’s where it scores. This handbag is constantly with celebrities and important people. This is a bag that is excellent in shape and stylish about its looks.
  • Sofia Coppola for Louis

Impress Your Girl With Right Handbag Gift

Unlike dresses, it’s that one thing that doesn’t need any trial or changes. For today’s fashion-conscious women, handbags are precious belongings that come with a rich heritage. Just as men value their suit and trousers, women love and treasure their handbags. No matter how boring a dress you wear, adding a beautiful handbag can change your look completely. While a handbag holds a woman’s world in it, it also reflects her identity and grace.

So, if you consider gifting something special on your beloved’s birthday, then a handbag is definitely the right pick. Although most men realize this, they usually feel lost when they set on their shopping ride. Hence, here are a few tips that should help you in this process.

Play the color game

Well, colors add spice to our life. However, when it comes to dresses and shoes, you can’t choose just any color you like. Of course, black and red are an all time hit, but if she loves playing with colors, consider opting for pink and orange. Again, if she loves neutral shades, opt for brown, beige and light peach.

Think out of the box

Today, you get bags in a range of stuff. It’s …

An UGG Handbag Always Adds Some Flare to Your Look

Nowadays, lots of people, including university students prefer to pursue designer handbags. Most of them are fashion-conscious people, who attach great importance to get a branded handbag. For them, a famous handbag means high-quality life. An expensive designer handbag could largely show their good tastes and social status. A branded handbag that can demonstrate a lady’s elegance, temperament, intelligence, capability, and fashion has to be the long-lasting search for women.

Do you need a purse with a lot of nooks and crannies? Or do you want pockets to set up which means you know where your keys go, where your cellphone is, where your lipstick belongs; and can grab whatever should be used in a moment’s notice? Are you so organized that you have those little organizers in a purse – one that may be transferred derived from one of the purses to the next each and every time you change your brain on what outfit to wear? Or are all the contents of your handbag piled into one compartment, and also you have to dump the entire bag in order to find anything?

The main thing to think about getting a bag, is what you want from the bag? …

History of Versace Designer Handbags

Gianni Versace, the founder of this famous design house, is known mostly for being the first designer to link fashion to music. He was also notorious in some circles for being openly gay. 1978 was the year that saw the opening of the first Versace boutique. This happened in Milan. As a young boy, Versace learned a lot under his mother, who was a seamstress. It is a little known fact that before he busted into the fashion scene after studying fashion design in Milan, he also studied architecture. He acknowledged that his biggest inspiration was Andy Warhol.

Mr. Versace was diagnosed with cancer, but sadly, he died before the cancer got too serious. Andrew Cunanan, a spree killer, murdered him.

Every organization and company goes through a transition when its owner dies. After Versace’s death, the control of the company remained in the family itself. His sister, whom he had appointed Vice President during his lifetime, took over the mantle of creative director. His brother, however, assumed the position of CEO. Things went well for a while, but the company was plagued by problems and increasing losses in the early 2000s. Going against the family control tradition, in 2003, …

Choosing a Good, Used Bag

Conduct a thorough search of the various bags you are to choose. This can be at an online site or at a bargain shop. With the rise in the number of counterfeit goods, it is possible to be lured to buy a fake product. Ensure you get the original purchase receipt of the bag to make sure it was obtained from a credited seller. A genuine Louis Vuitton bag will have the distinct ‘LV’ marks on it, in permanent color.

Period of use

It is advisable to select a bag that is not overused and worn out. Check the material of the bag to ensure it matches the quality described by the seller. Look out for any broken seams, zips and straps if any. As much as you want a used bag, it is best to choose one with the least defects to avoid incurring further costs of repair and getting a raw deal for your money. Ask for the bags that have been used over a short time.


Designer handbags are expensive, but used ones should definitely cost you less. Choose the highest quality bag with the lowest price tag. On the other hand, you might want to …

Gucci Designer Bags

The story of the beginning of the Gucci brand is quite interesting. The idea of such bags came to Gucci while he was working at high-end hotels. The guests would bring handsome luggage with them from all over the world, that would fascinate Mr. Gucci. It was from the work he put in these years as an immigrant in Paris and London that inspired Gucci to start what would later become one of the most recognized designer handbag houses on earth. He established a shop in Florence in 1920 that sold fine leather goods. Florence was already famous for its artists and Gucci made use of this. With the advent of industrialization, mechanized manufacturing began, and a number of products began appearing. Unlike most designers whose children takeover the work after the death of the founder, Gucci involved both his sons in his work well before his death.. Soon, with the joint family working together, there were not only more Gucci outlets in Florence, but also in Milan and Rome.

During World War II, Gucci distinguished itself as a brand by showing innovation. Due to a scarcity of resources, leather and other materials were not freely available. It was then …