Benefits of Having a Messenger Bag

They Are in the News!

Designer messenger bags are some of the most functional and versatile bags sold these days. Initially, they were only used for courier purposes. Now these stylish bags are considered to be a cool fashion accessory. In fact, if you buy a wholesale designer messenger bag, you can get a good discount.

The Versatility

Don’t worry about having difficulty finding the right designer handbag. Major designer houses like Gucci and Prada manufacture designer messenger bags that you will absolutely love. The price isn’t as high as some designer bags. In fact, you can get a wholesale handbag for under $800.

A Great Range

Designer handbags will spoil you with choices. You can choose among different styles like the Velcro, Zipper, Clasp or Buckle types. There are a colossal range of designs and colors to choose from and you can choose one that fits in your budget as well.

King of Carriers

Statistically speaking, messenger bags are one of the best-selling handbags in the North American continent. They constitute 32.7% of the total sales, as compared to eco-friendly cotton bags (26.1%), small tote bags (18.9%) and so on. This invariably makes the messengers the king of carriers.


These bags, as compared to their other counterparts are much more durable and strong. Some of them are also made of PVC and waterproof materials which are comparatively newer, more durable and especially, more environmentally friendly.

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