Designer Bag Statistics

In a recent study, 22% of women stated that if they could splurge on one designer item, it would be a designer handbag. For every section of women that buy a designer bag, there are interesting statistics that are collected by these design houses. Here are some statistics that you need to know about.

Age Related

An interesting statistic is the fact that over 44% of women above the age of 14 have bought or own designer handbags. The thought that a 15-year-old girl strutting around with a Gucci is indeed quite amusing.

Price Rise

Did you know that designer brands such as Hermes and Manolo have had a 50%-60% price rise over the past decade while more popular brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci consistently increase their prices about 10% every year! The rising popularity of luxury handbags, despite constant price rises shows how women are obsessed with buying them despite how much they costs!

Every woman is born to love handbags. On a more serious note, adult women buy up to three luxury bags in a year. You’ve bought your first one and you love it so you go ahead and pick up the next one. When two doesn’t satisfy you, its time to splurge on the third and last one. They say three is a lucky number, and apparently it works with designer handbags as well! While costs of these bags can be anywhere between $800 to $11,800, there are various wholesale and on-line sources where women can buy them at unbelievable prices. You can save a significant amount of money by buying from a reputable wholesale source.

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