How to Care for Your Sport Jersey

If you’re looking for techniques for getting your business known, or improve the number of members within your club, or celebrate an event, may you already use promotional T-shirts, and know exactly how successful they could be. If you’ve never imagined about custom made jerseys, then this is what you’re missing out on.

Until now the ability to print photographic quality images onto t-shirts was just unavailable. Screen printing and vinyl transfer technology can deal with approximately 6 colors but sometimes never deal with more advanced graphics. The other drawback to screen printing is setup costs. You have to produce screens before you print which costs between 15 and 25 pounds each. It is not unusual to experience a 100-pound build cost before you decide to have printed the first t-shirt. This means that you have to have a large order for one design before it’s viable to proceed.

Additional cost for custom printer

Consider your additional costs. I’m sure that you believe in the custom printer, but don’t be too trusting. Find out if you’re being cheated when your printer could possibly be hitting you with additional charges for artwork, shipping, and setup. Before you agree on the offer, you need to determine with finality whether this info is in the package. If not, ask simply how much it will cost you.

Reduce the number of print positions – Were you thinking about your garments printed about the front and back? And with sleeve prints at the same time? This is planning to be more expensive than printing around the front only. So, if you could get your message across in a print, as opposed to everywhere in the t-shirt, do it – it’ll be cheaper, and in addition quicker to print (to even buy your items delivered earlier!).

Direct to Garment

DTG is a t-shirt printing technique that prints a graphic directly to the t-shirt all the way through a personalized version of a conventional inkjet printer. Mostly, as an alternative to using a screen plus a stencil to utilize ink to the shirt, the ink is printed directly on top of the garment. DTG offers more elasticity than screen printing regarding color variant and turnaround time.