Lana Marks Designer Handbags

Lana Marks was born in East London, South Africa. Fashion was not a line that was chosen for her from her childhood or something she was studying from the beginning. She was brilliant at academics and sports. She represented the United States in tennis.

The story behind the idea of the manufacture of the Lana Marks line of handbags is quite interesting in its simplicity. Marks had been invited to the birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II. The outfit she had selected for the celebration was a red suit. However, Marks could not find a handbag to go with the suit. It was then that she got the idea of starting a line of handbags in various colors that were being ignored by mainstream fashion designers at that time. Some of the world’s most expensive handbags are from Lana Marks.

These bags are famous for being extremely expensive and made of animal skin. One of the most famous bags is the Cleopatra clutch, made of alligator skin. It is not easy to get your hands on this rare clutch. Not only is it worth a whopping 100,000 dollars, but only five such clutches are produced in a whole year, taking its exclusivity to a new sky-high level. The bag is studded with 1500 diamonds, both full and cut. Lana Marks is popular for making a special exclusive bag during Award season, but only for one specific actress. Charlize Theron claimed her Academy Award with her exclusive custom clutch in possession, and so did Helen Mirren.

When buying a Marks custom handbag you will need to contact Ms. Marks and her design team. You will take part in choosing the handbag’s design, color and details to meet your criteria and intended use of the bag. The handbags are handmade with every detail reviewed by the designer and buyer to insure the bag is a masterpiece of exquisite beauty, made from exotic, highest quality materials which are blended together to produce the handbag of your dreams.

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