The Club for Digital Currency

My friends and I started a bitcoin club in our neighborhood. We meet once a week to talk about new investment strategies. We liked the idea of being able to trade in a digital currency, so we all downloaded the Bitcoin Trader official app and bought some bitcoin for the first time. Our experience with trading was one that was filled with mistakes because we were new at it and weren’t following any guides. Once we took a moment to step back and learn to trade the right way, we were able to start making profits.

At our most recent meeting, the club members talked about how bitcoin prices went up and down over the past couple of months. The price had gotten to the point where it was in the 10,000s again. It hadn’t been that high since a couple of years ago, when bitcoin prices really soared and everyone was starting to jump into it. Those were wild times, because bitcoin was getting a lot of media coverage, along with some of the other cryptocurencies that were being made. Everyone was going on about how digital currency would replace physical money and that there was no turning back.

I don’t exactly think that physical money will be put to rest because of digital currency. I see a world where both can coexist at once. It’s just that digital currency gives people an easier chance to make profit from it. Going forward, the club members think that it’s possible that the price of bitcoin will climb even higher, but only time will tell. A lot of factors can affect how the price will change, and I don’t think anyone can successfully predict which ones will happen first. At any rate, we’ll all be having an interesting time with the currency.