Choosing a Good, Used Bag

Conduct a thorough search of the various bags you are to choose. This can be at an online site or at a bargain shop. With the rise in the number of counterfeit goods, it is possible to be lured to buy a fake product. Ensure you get the original purchase receipt of the bag to make sure it was obtained from a credited seller. A genuine Louis Vuitton bag will have the distinct ‘LV’ marks on it, in permanent color.

Period of use

It is advisable to select a bag that is not overused and worn out. Check the material of the bag to ensure it matches the quality described by the seller. Look out for any broken seams, zips and straps if any. As much as you want a used bag, it is best to choose one with the least defects to avoid incurring further costs of repair and getting a raw deal for your money. Ask for the bags that have been used over a short time.


Designer handbags are expensive, but used ones should definitely cost you less. Choose the highest quality bag with the lowest price tag. On the other hand, you might want to consider the conditions of the sale. If you get a bag at an unreasonably low price, it might mean that the bag is of lower quality than stated. If the price is too high for a used bag, then it might not be a viable option.


The type of bag you settle on eventually will depend on the intended use. If you want to use the bag for travel, choose a big one that can accommodate all your belongings. However, for casual everyday use, choose a small bag in which you can carry necessities.

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